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Phil Winser

Founding Partner

Phil arrived in New York in 2008, having worked for two of London’s most notable events and catering companies. He co-founded Silkstone in 2008, which has become one of the city’s leading creative events agencies, developing luxury brands throughout the United States using innovative event design, marketing campaigns, and digital strategy. He has produced a variety of original events from large-scale dinners in the Nevada desert to New York City. He designed and opened The Fat Radish with partner, Ben Towill in 2010 which has become one of New York’s leading seasonal restaurants. He followed up with the design of Ruschmeyer's, The Leadbelly and uptown dining staple, The East Pole. In 2012, he began introducing Silkstone to the world. The Fat Radish headed to the 10th arrondissement during Paris Fashion Week then would find a home during the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro via Casa Fat Radish accompanied Tory Burch to Shanghai & traveled to Tel Aviv for Round Tables by American Express. Phil continues to find inspiration from his love of travel and culture. He currently resides in New York City.